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Heeeey babies! Itz mi. I jus' wanted 2 tell u all wat happened 2 mi… - SLORES UNITE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 30th, 2004|10:10 pm]


Heeeey babies! Itz mi. I jus' wanted 2 tell u all wat happened 2 mi 2dai. Lyke dis girl saw mi havin' seX in dis guy's car. He wuz offering mi lotz of money so I wuz lyke hellz yeah! So newayz after I wuz dun I got out of da car and dis gurl came up 2 mi and wuz all "U r goin' against our Lord Jesus Christ." And I wuz lyke "Oh duz he wan a peice of mi too? Bc if he'z hott I'll charge him 4 free, but onli 4 da first tyme we do it." She wuz lyke "Jesus Christ iz our savior n he l00ks down on u n u r goin 2 hell 4 premarital sex. U r only supposed 2 have SeX wit' your husband," and all dis other shiz. I wuz lyke "Jesus will sen' me to heaven cause I'm hott and I don't charge the sun of God and all dose other saints ne thing, but some hot Christian lovin'. Ne way she wants me 2 go to dis youth group of herz so I can see da way of da Lord. I wuld lyke 2 go n all but I have this gang bang scheduled in wit dese 2 realli hot guys n dis 1 hott gurl. I don usually lyke havin' sex wit gurlz but dis 1 iz different. Lolzzz it's all good.Or shuld I sai itz all naughtii? Hehezzz.

Well I G2G n have dis 3-sum wit dese guys Randi n Jon. Dey wurk in the same office n 2day dey saw me workin' da streets on their lunch break n dey scheduled an appointment. Dey r pretty hot. A little old but itz Ok. We r meeting at da Value Motel in n h0ur so I have to get readi. Byezzzz!

Trix r 4 kids, but n0t mah trix! Hehehehezzzz!

[User Picture]From: meeksies
2004-08-30 07:35 pm (UTC)
yAh, umz... we r so0o going 2 hevin. i meen, look @ all theze grate servicez we perf0rm 4 men. (nd boyz sumtymes hehe). we make da wurld a happieR place. we dun need no youth group 2 talk a/b god nd shiz.

luv <3
LeXii xxx
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