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ii never n0ticed ... x3 - SLORES UNITE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ii never n0ticed ... x3 [Dec. 17th, 2004|11:44 pm]


[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney]

have y0u ever n0ticed i basically 0nly p0st 0n friday nightSz when ii get h0me fr0m bein wid muh girlSz? haha thatSz funny. yea well t0night i didnt d0 anything. me `eHn muh girl carli went t0 the mall `eHn ii g0t 2 #Sz `eHn the 0ne guy waSz really h0tt. the 0ther 0ne l0oked like he had m0ney. the 0ne guy erik waSz 17. `eHn ii was like "ey h0w 0ld are y0u." `eHn he said "18. why? h0w 0ld are y0u." s0o being the nice `lil girl ii am i say 14. `eHn he waSz like damn t0o y0ung but y0u iSz bangin. `eHn ii waSz like cumm0n itSz 0nly 4 yearSz. haha s0o he waSz like y0u g0tta man? `eHn ii said n0pe. `eHn he said damn y0u must n0t have a fucken f0ne if it aint ringin 0ff da h0ok. `eHn i just laughed. but he waSz like y0u g0tta number? `eHn i gave him the number. but muh girl carli waSz standin there. we werent even there f0r like ... 20 minuteSz. then the 0ther guy waSz high but he still said ii waSz h0tt. but yea. disz `lil b0y waSz gay `eHn i didnt like him. but the p0int iSz i g0t 2 numberSz .. `eHn 1 guy g0t mine .. haha iiM a P-I-M-P NIGHA WHA! haha

[User Picture]From: meeksies
2004-12-18 09:04 am (UTC)
\\ LeX ~ y0u aRe s0o0o iNSaNe , l0lz
\\ ii sTaYed h0me bcUz i wUz sicK :(
\\ DiD y0u h00k iT uP wiTH tHe guY wiTH tHe $$$?? l0lz, iTz aLm0sT `ChRiSTmaS, y0u n0?

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[User Picture]From: precious_x_pink
2004-12-21 08:52 am (UTC)
n0 i didnt h0ok up with the guy with the m0ney. l0l yes 0nly 4 daySz until christmas. but y0u kn0w i g0tta b0yfriend n0w. s0o iiM gunna cut d0wn 0n f0oling ar0und `eHn just give mii babii m0re. *evil smirk* haha maybe he will still pay me.. hahaha
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